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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Why is it so hard to find...

a nice sweet girl who looks like she just crawled out from a tomb, hates everyone and everything, reads excessively, and wants to run away with me to live together in a cave deep in the woods where we will argue about the meaning of death, have obscene amounts of sex, and sustain ourselves on small children we lure into the woods with sweet music, then capture and devour?

I know, right?

So this little project here is going very well. I like to write. I would like people who are interested in reading my mind poop to have the ability to do so. I need practice and this is just that. It's a brainstorming/practice space for my literary mind. I hope you are all enjoying it. It makes me glad to see the pageviews swell. So thanks for the ego boost. Although, based on the content of my work, I'm forced to wonder just what the hell is wrong with you. I mean, what kind of person would regularly read this nonsense? You probably have issues. Just saying. But it's okay, I still like you. Thanks for reading, ya little screwballs.

Lately, I've been really into the sound of gross. If you want to know what I mean, just go on youtube and look up The Monsters, Stitch Hopeless and the Sea Legs, or Banane Metalik. Or click this

I'll be uploading some songs I did when I was bored soon under the name Selfdefeater. I'll post a link when that happens. I have some crap online already if you didn't know. I'll include some of those tracks on the Selfdefeater bandcamp page. You can check those out here


That's it. No story or anything. Just a message from me to you. We don't talk enough.

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