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Friday, December 20, 2013

I'll grab you by the hair and cut your whole body off.

There are 2 kinds of intellectuals. Type A and Type B.

Type A intellectuals are the ones who flaunt their thinking muscle in front of others as much as possible. They're showoffs and braggarts. They can be highly intelligent or fairly intelligent. It does not matter. They are the type to bring up random information for no discernible reason other than to boost their own ego. They are constantly telling everyone in earshot about what they've just learned or are currently learning. They make others feel bad with their knowledge. They use it as a weapon to put others down. They're full of themselves, total narcissists. They can vary in demeanor. You have the Arrogant, the Faux-Teacher, the Encyclopedia, the Helper, the Asshole, the Prick, the One-Upper, and the Bully.

The Arrogant is the one who thinks he's better than everyone else. The one who thinks he has no enemies. The one that believes everyone looks up to him because he's obviously smarter than everyone. Challenge his ego and beware. He absolutely refuses to see the truth. The Arrogants are profoundly annoying. If possible, they are best ignored.

The Faux-Teacher is the asshole who acts like a knowitall under the guise of spreading knowledge. Whenever he spews an unnecessary amount of information out in public, it's not because he's trying to put everyone down, it's because he wants to teach everyone something new, or so he says. Don't let these pricks fool you. Even if no one is paying attention, cares, or even if they already know the information, the Faux-Teacher will continue talking. They are best avoided or confronted very very bluntly. Tell them to shut the fuck up and be on your way. Do not indulge them.

The Encyclopedia is the fucker who knows a bit about everything. They aren't so bad, but they still suck. These are the bastards who constantly regurgitate tiny facts on every topic and object nearby. You can't talk to them about anything or take them anywhere because they consistently derail the conversation with bits of knowledge no one gives a fuck about. If that doesn't bother you, they can be okay as casual friends.

The Helper is the little shit who gives you way too much information whenever you need a simple answer. There is no such thing as a simple answer for them. You ask for the name of a movie and you'll get the entire biography of the director, the full names of all cast and crew, actor bios, and related films. Dealing with them is simple, do not ask them questions; ever.

The Asshole is very similar to the Arrogant, except the Asshole is way more intense. Everyone hates the Asshole. He believes it is because they are jealous, or joking. But no, everyone hates the fucking Asshole. The protection around his ego is indestructible. Unless you are prepared for a long, bloody war, give up and walk away. It's not worth it. Anything you say or do will only fuel their ego.

The Prick saves his bullshit until the worst possible time. He lives to put others down. He has no delusions about himself. He owns it. He is smart and he openly loves to make people feel stupid. He's a contemptible character, but at least he is honest. Advice: deal with it.

The One-Upper always feels challenged. He suffers from a compulsion to always prove his intelligence. If someone says anything remotely smart, expect a new piece of knowledge from the face-hole of this douche. Negative conditioning works well with them. Whenever they one-up someone, reprimand them or give them a disapproving look. When they understand what they're doing, praise them for holding their tongue. This generally works, especially if you are someone they care about, and are gentle with them. They can be great friends.

The Bully also has no delusions about himself. He hates everyone who doesn't know every bit of knowledge he knows and will not be shy to show it. He is aggressive and angry. The more intelligent the Bully is, the more of a fuckhead he is. Kick this guy's ass.

These are some, but not all of the kinds of people who use the gift of intelligence wrongly. They use intellect to make those around them feel stupid.

Type B on the other hand, use intelligence to legitimately help those around them. Others feel smarter and more capable around Type B. They spread knowledge where it is needed. You may not even realize a Type B is an intelligent person for some time. Their intellect shows itself in much more subtle ways. The very smart and the very dumb usually recognize them more quickly than most. Their aim is to help. They can be nice and they can be mean. They can do things in ways that are nearly imperceptible. They generally prefer to pull strings and covertly test others. They use their intelligence, but not obviously. There are as many varieties of Type B as Type A, but I am tired. Perhaps I will go into that later.

The main point here, is Type A spreads stupidity with intellect, while Type B spreads understanding with intellect. Recognize the difference and save yourself from some heartache.

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