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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

For me, trust is total or nonexistent.

I've been thinking. I live my life based on some very simple rules. They insure my safety and happiness in all situations. I am alive today thanks to my code. I was thinking maybe it would be of benefit to others to share a few of them. I don't have them written down and they usually only come to mind when they are pertinent, but I can give it a shot. I can always edit these later and add more as they come to mind.

-Befriend everyone you meet.
Now I'm not saying you have to hang out with them or maintain contact, but be nice and friendly with everyone you encounter. No harm comes from making friends, but burning bridges could lead to lost opportunities. You might be surprised who comes to the rescue in your time of need.

-Never do or say anything you wouldn't want everyone to know.
This one is simple. Practically nothing stays buried. If you do something you don't want certain people to know about, chances are, they'll find out. More importantly, you are blackmailproof. No one has any sort of leverage on you. You can live comfortably and confidently.

-Keep as close to the truth as possible; especially when lying.
Do your best not to lie. It gets confusing after a while. Lie too much and you run the risk of losing touch with yourself. You get so wrapped up in the lies, you can't remember what's real, and that's just no good. Plus, the more you lie, the higher the risk of getting caught. Not to mention the credibility you lose. It's no fun when no one believes a thing you say.

-Reveal as little as possible to others.
One part refers to the last one. An easy way around lying is simply not mentioning a certain event. If someone asks why you weren't answering your phone, for instance, tell them it was turned off. Which is true and totally acceptable. But don't tell them you turned it off because you didn't want anybody calling you while you were masturbating.

The other part is that people love to fill in the gaps with their imagination. Be an enigma and give out only bits about yourself, leaving ample room to be filled in. People are never going to see the real you anyway. They are simply going to create a mental image of who you are in their minds that will be radically skewed to reflect their views on the world. Thereby preserving their way of seeing life, without all the scary things that don't conform to it and frighten them.

-Be skeptical of everything.
We, as humans, are all given the same tools for understanding reality. Just because some lazy asshole accepts what is told to him without questioning, then tries to pass it off onto you as fact, doesn't mean shit. Make them convince you. If they can not, then they are knowledgeable enough on that subject to be opening their fat mouth about it anyway. Take everything with a grain of salt. They may have hidden motives that are unknown to you at this moment.

-Trust completely or not at all.
This has been altered from Trust No One. (and honestly runs the risk of being switched back.) Only when someone has proven their trustworthiness to you many many times over a long period of time should they even be considered as someone you can trust. Nearly everyone is an opportunistic scumbag who seeks their gain even at the price of your ruin. DO NOT FORGET THAT.  Only when someone has gone above and beyond and you feel completely at ease and have tested them thoroughly, should you trust them. And when you do, hide nothing from them. Drop your guard entirely. If you can not do that, then you don't actually trust them.

-Never be the cause of any problem.
This one is simple. Don't start shit. Don't be an asshole. If everybody around you is happy and having fun, don't start pissing everyone off. Don't cause a scene and ruin their good time. Don't be the only motherfucker complaining when everyone else is fine. If a problem exists solely through your actions, then I'm sorry, but you are a fuckhead. If that wasn't clear, picture this: You and your friends sit down and watch a movie. Everyone is enjoying it. Everyone but that one fucking guy on the end who won't shut the fuck up about how he can't stand the flick. Fuck that guy. Don't do that.

-Keep your word always.
Simple. If people trust you, they like you more. If you can be depended upon, you are held in higher esteem. And if you can keep a secret, you'll learn some seriously interesting shit.

-Never stop learning.
Learning is the ultimate cure-all. It betters you in every way. Learn new facts, skills, theories, abilities, concepts, languages, everything and anything you can get your hands on. I could write a book on this one point alone. Do it. Shut up, and do it.

-Trust yourself foremost.
This works on two levels. First, if something doesn't feel right, or doesn't seem right, it usually isn't.

Secondly, (and this applies to my own life) if you feel the random need to do something, do it. I can't tell you how many sticky situations I've avoided by following this rule. Simple things like walking 10feet to my left, turning at a different street than usual, or waiting 5 more minutes, have drastically changed situations for the better and have even saved my life. Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm telepathic or some shit. I don't know. But I do know that randomly I get a weird urge to do something for seemingly no logical reason and some butterfly effect shit happens and that insignificant action has major positive consequences.

-Do not believe anything.
Believing in something limits possibilities and creates bias within your mind.

-Do not disbelieve anything.
What the fuck do you know? Anything could be true. Disbelieving in God is believing God doesn't exist and what the fuck did I just tell you about believing in shit?

-Never do anything you don't want to do.
Our lifetime is all we know of life. Our lifetime is less than nothing in the grand scheme of things. You don't have time to waste. So don't force yourself to sit through anything you don't want for any reason.

-Live life the right way now, and don't worry about the future.
If you're following these rules, (especially the learning one. Really. The learning one. Do it.) then you are already doing all you can possibly do at this moment. You're bettering yourself daily, being a good person, meeting new people, and networking in new ways. Don't worry. You're fine. Everything is going to be alright.

-Do not take anything seriously.
The very concept of life is a ridiculous joke. So laugh. Nothing matters.

-Experience new things whenever possible.
This is similar to the learning one. Always say yes. Never do something twice in the same way. Take a new way home from work. Try a new food. Shop at a different store. Fuck routine. Routine is death.

-Judge for yourself.
A person's recollection of an event is generally less than 20% accurate. (And I'm rounding up) This is why eye-witness testimonies don't mean shit. Then if one person tells another, the accuracy drops even further. By the time it gets to you, it's complete bullshit. Judge by first-hand account or not at all.

-Everyone is equal.
We're all basically built the same. No one has power, authority, or divine knowledge. You give others power over yourself. You submit yourself to authority. And anyone speaking of Truth or God is either deranged or trying to scam you.

-There are no rules.
There aren't. We made up all the rules. From rights, to laws, to social etiquette. Someone just like you came up with all that shit to benefit himself. Those who benefit maintain those rules. They have guns. You do not. If you disobey, they will threaten you with those guns. They are thugs. If you cause too many problems they will shoot you. This is why we follow those rules. We do not wish to be shot. End of story. Not until we find something worth being shot over do we fight the system.

-Money has no value.
It's green paper. That's all. It only has value if you believe it has value. A lot of people have resigned to that belief. It does not make it true.

-You can not own anything.
Soon you will be dead. You will lose all earthly possessions. Everything we have is borrowed. You can not own anything. You are not immortal. One day you will give everything back. So quit hoarding.

-You are already dead.
You are meaningless. You are less than meaningless. You practically do not even exist at all. Remember this.

-Nothing matters.
You're a dead man borrowing things for a time that is basically over before it began. In 200 hundred years, no one will know you ever lived. Relax, everything is pointless.

This is a wonderful place we live in. Experience it while you can.

That's it for now. I always seem to remember more when trying to make a list of them. I feel as if I have only just started naming them. I guess there are more than I realized. Oh well. I'm going to bed now. Goodnight. Be well.

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