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Monday, December 30, 2013

TEST: You will fail.

This sentence is not real. This one is a bold-faced lie. This sentence knows that it is a sentence. This one laughs at the three previous sentences. This sentence knows the second sentence is a lie. This sentence understands the fifth sentence knows the second sentence is lying, thereby making it true, thereby making it false and reinforcing the beliefs of the third sentence. This sentence understands the sixth sentence only brings us back to the first sentence. This sentence understands the difference between the first and second beginnings. This sentence says, "Redo, not restart." This sentence says the opposite of all the other sentences. This sentence proclaims a sentence on the previous sentence to restart the redone to undo what hasn't happened again. This sentence thinks all other sentences are crazy, thus it has transformed itself into a question instead? This sentence has its period at the end of the month. This sentence; is semicolon-ized. This sentence wishes it was an equation, like the next sentence is. LOVE = HATE = 42 The last sentence was not a sentence, thus sentence 15 is lying, thus only the question is true. This sentence is the final sentence. No it is not. That last sentence is the last sentence. All sentences are true.

Have fun wrapping your mind around that shit. Can you feel my dick fucking your brain?

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