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Saturday, December 28, 2013


Reverse reincarnation completely destroys the possibility of free will. If our past lives took place in the future, our next life will occur in the past, and the past had to have happened exactly as it did down to the most minute detail in order for us to exist right now, then our next life is already lived and irrevocably unalterable. Which means this current life is bound by the same rules. Free Will is an illusion caused by our lacking acumen of our current knowledge of future's past. We only seem to be making choices. The choices have long been made. Or is the tangled unknown yet unalterable web of decisions known as Fate actually what Free Will truly is?

Interesting concept. Scarier that it is theoretically possible. There are particles which move backward in time (as far as we guess) so our past is actually their future. So why not us, too? Could our life-forces/souls/whathaveyous be travelling backward in time at the moment of death? Could explain a few things. Such as the term "loss" in relation to deathly matters. We do not say "released." The energy of a person doesn't feel released or freed at the point of death; it feels lost. We have suffered a loss in the family, not a liberation. Could be the soul moving backward through time. Gone from us with our pitiful time-bound technology. We can not reach into the past corporeally. They left us to start a new life in the past.

Many religions and pseudo-religions speak of a coming together and a oneness at the end of existence. It could be they are unknowingly referencing the Big Bang. Eventually we would travel back to the beginning, to the place from whence we came. We would be as one with all things. A singularity the size of a dime. That is our ultimate fate as living creatures. We are only a facet of this oneness experiencing itself, destined to return. An all seeing eye looking at itself. Immanentizing the Eschaton could simply be refering to the light and heat from the Big Bang. In reverse, it would seem as if if the universe itself was becoming bathed in an ultimate brightness which took all of creation and brought it together into one.

It would also explain the negative position on suicide. It's cheating. Skipping the path to absolution. The universe wants to experience itself. Terminating oneself and therefor a camera of the universe, leaving what could have been, unexperienced, would be considered blasphemy.

Just a random thought. Sorry for the brain-hurt. Have a nice day.

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