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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

You ever just sit there and look up?

I heard a bit of conversation today I found interesting. Someone was basically saying that something he did was important because "people were talking about it" afterward.

And I started to think...

Is all we're trying to do is prove to other people that we're important?
Are we only capable of achieving any kind of importance via the eyes of others?
Is it possible then to do something significant without recognition?

If not for other people, would anything I do matter?

I looked up and stared into the night sky. I imagined all the planets and stars up there. And I wondered if any of it mattered. We are but the tiniest speck of nothing in the grand scheme of things. If you grouped every living person on Earth and placed them side by side they would only fill an area about the size of Texas. Yet we act like gods of the universe. The scale we use to prioritize things is based on how much they affect us. Each and every one of us is vying for the attention of others, attempting to change the minds others, and trying to remain in the minds of others after we die. But are others really that important?

What gives them that power? What mysterious energy is generated by these others that we lack within ourselves? Can I not do something in solitude, that no one else will ever discover, and have it amalgamate any value?

I looked around and saw things for what they were. It's in names and labels that things acquire a succinct difference from what they're actually made of. By classifying things, we gloss over the actual composition of these things and create a new, magical reality in which they inhabit.

We don't want to know how things work. We just want them to work. We don't want to know what's inside or how it functions. If one of these magical things is not functioning properly, there are these magic people who encompass all knowledge of such things. They can use their special abilities, a learned sorcery, to repair any discrepancies within the enchanted item. These sorcerers go by names like: doctor, scientist, repairman, and chef.

The doctors have the ability to remedy any illness within the human body. If they say they cannot, it is a lie. They simply choose not to.

The scientist has complete knowledge of the universe and all it encompasses. He can take the simple materials provided to us and use them to create anything the mind can imagine.

The repairman has the mystical gift to undo any damage done to an inanimate object. With a wave of his almighty wrench he can effortlessly and instantaneously rejuvenate anything to exactly as new condition.

The chef has made a blood pact with the gods of bounty and nature and can summon food out of thin air just by willing it.

They are the very conquerors of the material world and only bow down to the absolute greatness present in the desires of the Others. Remember: a single man does not have this power. It is only by the unification of many that it manifests itself.

So next time you or someone you know has a terminal illness, a currently unanswerable question, a totaled car, or an order for a menu item that is no longer available, MAKE A SCENE AND WIELD THE CELESTIAL POWER OF GODS!