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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sweet delicious mango juice

I usually do these before bed, not when I first wake up. I actually just started watching a pretty funny movie. I'm going to watch it, then I'll finish this.

While we're waiting, I have some other news. I'm a drummer, have been for over 13 years. I'm in a hardcore band that lots of people like. It's cool being liked by tons of strangers. We don't even promote ourselves or anything. People just sort of gravitate to us. It's nice. Joining the band has let me do a lot of things I've always wanted to do. Not long after joining, I got to sit inside the studio during a radio show, then play live on the radio for that show. William Berger is a great guy.

Next month, We'll be playing our second fest. The first was Punk Island. We got to ride in a tour bus with 96 (another band you should definitely check out.) And now we're on the bill for NJ Deathfest. I feel kind of special knowing that now, not just punk and hardcore fans like us, but now even metalheads are into us. It's a good feeling.

I don't feel like writing anymore, so I'm not going to.

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