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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It's like my brain just exploded all over your imagination's titties.

I like writing and adding stories on here. I think I'll keep up with that, or I won't. Who the fuck knows?!

Today I took a shower. It was nice, but more importantly I rubbed my roommate's toothbrush on my balls before I took the aforementioned shower, which is nicer. He's not that bad of a guy, but when I can't be openly violent, I settle for passive aggressive. The thing is, he's the type of guy who would try to have a conversation with you when you are on fire. Like, you're screaming and running around, your skin is melting off, and he's just like, "Hey, man. How's it going? I feel like I never see you. How are things? Do anything cool lately? I've been pretty busy with school and work, but what about you?" and you're like, "I'M ON FIRE! GET OUT OF MY WAY! SHUT THE FUCK UP AND DO SOMETHING!" Meanwhile he continues on as if you said something along the lines of  "Fine, been busy too. How is your very extremely more important and better than everyone's life going?"

At which point he'll flood your ears with boring crap you already knew until your fingertips liquefy and your bones become ash.

Okay, story time. This is another one I'm sick of editing. So again, any thoughts or advice? Stick em on at the bottom.

A True Story

Where to begin? I guess I should begin in darkness as it is only appropriate. Not normal absence of light, but a sort of nowhere place filled with great anticipation. Like as in the time before something drastic happens. Like being born or dying. It is here I float. Nothing to keep me anchored as I drift endlessly into the void. In here I lose all touch with reality. Names, people, places, events, and everything that fills my life are wiped clean and gladly forgotten. It's peaceful here. I am no longer the person you know and see on occasion. I only exist here. I never had a life, I can't even grasp the concept of it now. All is lost and time melds into itself and disintegrates into nothing.

A blinding flash takes me out of the void and into a lime green garden of which I see no end. I take in my surroundings. The sun is hot and bright. It reflects off the foliage and intensifies the greens and reds and yellows and purples. Large hedges flow in patterns across the rolling knolls into a distant clear blue sky with tufts of ivory cotton creeping through it. I see small animals scurrying, birds chirping. I like it here. It's nice.

I begin walking slowly through my own personal Eden, when I notice something in the corner of my eye. I stop walking and slowly turn to face it. In a full crimson gown highlighted with black ribbons stands a girl. Her hair is dark brown, almost black. Her skin is pale and full. Her long lashes draw me into her eyes and I remain in awe of the beauty I have found. She watches me intently. She reads my mind. She smiles slightly and skips into a maze of hedges giggling.

I follow slowly at first, still taken aback by what has transpired. My pace increases exponentially as I realize I may lose her if I don't catch up. I dash into the maze full force and follow her shadow as she dances through the leaves. I run faster and faster until my feet ache and my legs are heavy. My body collapses and a nameless sorrow fills my heart. I lie still in the shade. A light breeze cools me as I try to breathe all the fire out of my lungs.

I lie there dazed until strange voices startle me awake. I sit up quickly and get my bearings. Three small men approach me. They are reminiscent of those popular lawn gnomes you see all over.
Gnome #1 "You've made it quite far for such a young one. What are you doing here?"
Me "I don't even know where I am. "
Gnome #2 "You don't? Then how did you get here? You don't belong here. You must have traveled from somewhere. Where do you come from?"
Me "I can't remember. All there is, is a lingering feeling, a constant prodding, that there was something before this.
Gnome #1 "Well well. I know what you are, and where you came from. There have been others like you, although only a handful. This is not a place you can reach ordinarily. It requires an intense amount of mental strength and complete detachment from the flesh to get here."
Me "I saw a girl..."
Gnome #3 "Yes, this place is technically a dream world. But we are not made up creatures, dreams are real places. They just exist outside of your plane of existence."
Me "I don't care. Where did that girl go?"
"Dream worlds are trials. Tests to reach a goal. At the end of every fantastic dream is a prize of unimaginable worth."
"Do you know who she is?"
Gnome #3 continues on, ignoring my questions. "But to reach that goal, you must overcome all obstacles."
"What do you mean?" I ask, intrigued and worried that 'she' might amount to nothing more than some stupid test.
Gnome #3 "Nothing in any world is free. You must earn your prize. Now go, into the vine!"

I look up and the hedges loom eerily over me as thick, swamp-like vines coil around them. Soon the vines will overcome the maze and I'll remain trapped in here. I've wasted too much time with these ugly dwarves! Which way is out! I stumble aimlessly down innumerous identical pathways while the sun is slowly blotted out . More and more, darkness envelopes the labyrinth.

I begin losing hope and make a mad dash for the exit. The vines are closing in. I see the exit. It's barely there. I dive into it. I'm caught in the vines. I can't move. I guess I'm not that strong...

I feel a warm, soft hand grip my arm and pull me out. I'm safe, but who saved me? I rise to my feet. The girl wrapped in crimson smiles and dances away from me and continues on into the plains. Drawn like a moth to the flame, I follow.

I don't care if she's real, fake, good, or evil. I don't care if she's the devil incarnate. I don't care if she's leading me to my end. I want nothing but to be with her. I will follow her the ends of the universe.

And so I did. I followed until the morning star faded away and I only had the glimmer from her eyes to guide me.
I followed until a new sun was born and fireworks filled the air.
I followed her through the lives and deaths of a million worlds.
When finally, for no reason, she stops. Turns to face me. Opens up her mouth. And at that exact moment a horrible buzzing fills my head and I lie on my bed, alarm clock blaring.
I am filled with exquisite sorrow as I get ready for school.

I'm back, real world. Did you miss me?

I'm new at this school. I don't know anyone here.
I mull through the day and dwell upon that dream.
"What was that?''

I'm in the lunch room now. I buy a chicken sandwich. I look for a place to sit.
When I swear, across the room, a few tables from the back... it's her!
She is standing there looking right at me. She not in her crimson gown, but it is her! I would never forget that face in a million years.

I try to ignore her at first. Scared that I had finally gone over the deep end. But that is with no doubt the girl from my dreams, standing in the middle of the cafeteria.

I finally look back. She smiles and begins to walk towards me.

"No way this is happening! There must be some mistake. She must want to talk to someone behind me or something. She can't have literally walked out of my dream and into my life."

She draws nearer and my heart beats harder and harder with every step.

She stops directly in front of me and says, "You look very familiar, have we met before?"

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