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Tuesday, September 17, 2013


The sun is newly risen and the glare off the street gives one the impression of a red hot river of lava. The clouds appear to be burning, too, that fearful crimson ringed around soot-colored puffs. It hurts to keep one's eyes open in this environment. Even the sun looks like it's bursting. It's as if the entire world is exploding around me; and I'm hot, too hot. In fact, my entire body is seething. I became conscious a few minutes ago and have woken to this hell. The shattered wreck that was my car lies smoking by the treeline. I was flung into this river of death on impact. The deer that jumped in front of me lies in chunks and pools to my right. Its still-warm fluid creeping ever closer to my torn body.

My first conscious thought is to pull myself from the road. I try to move. It hurts too much. I can plainly see a few bones jutting out from my left thigh. I may have survived the crash, but with my car on the side of the road and my legs unable to lift me up, it's only a matter of time before someone else cruises by and finishes the job. I focus my mind on my goal and begin pulling myself off to the median. The pain intensifies with every inch I cover. It seems to take forever. I stopped twice to howl and writhe a bit but kept on until I reached that grassy paradise. I breathe deep and lay down. I stay still and do my best to keep my mind off the agony my body is going through. Why won't anyone come? Where is everybody?

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