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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

And now I'm drunk.

According to the clock, it is 10:49 AM; and I am absolutely shitfaced. I'm watching a movie about a man who, whenever he falls asleep, wakes up at a different age. It's not awful, so that's nice. I plan on doing a new post every day, no matter what! So I guess you'll just have suffer through this one, I'm not going anywhere... AND I WILL ATTACK YOU WITH POSTS UNTIL YOU RECOGNIZE THE GREATNESS THAT IS ME!. On a lighter note, I recorded a comedy thing and it's uploaded now. The link is at the bottom (unless I forget to do that by the end of this post.) I think I'll do it now so I don't forget. There! Now it's impossible to forget because it's already done. I'm proud of myself.

I realize time is frozen for you so that whole exchange was pretty pointless. Oh well, I did it anyway, and it stays! Don't question me!

I recently started looking for my nailclipper again. I always know it's time to cut my nails when typing becomes unbearably loud. My nails don't grow out like normal people. They grow out like a vampire's nails or something.

How scary is that?!

Although he loves it.

Even if he pretends not to care.

That face just makes me feel like I should be embarrassed. Now I feel embarrassed. I'm going to stop now. Goodbye!

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