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Saturday, October 12, 2013

They are driving me insane

Since day one at the loft, my roommates make me feel like I'm schizophrenic. Not like openly accusing me of being a madman or anything, but because they can be sneaky bastards. They mess with my personal things and pretend to be unaware when confronted. Small things like disappearing shampoo, roaming toothpaste tubes, self-eating food, self-shattering glass, vanishing rent money. It leaves you asking, "If they didn't do it, then who? Did I do it and forget? Am I losing my shit?" These things are definitely happening. I am a logical person. Someone must be doing this. I have been called crazy for my entire life, so years of subtle conditioning made me wonder. How can one know if one has gone off the deep end? One cannot diagnose oneself with the diseased organ. Could I be sleep-eating? Could I be losing large chunks of time? What could I be doing during these blackouts? What if I do something weird? What if I hurt someone? It's scary. Logic dictated my next course of action. I simply took all of my possessions and gathered them up into my room. The problems stopped then. Fuck them for screwing with me! I was seriously worried for a while.


We all know the story. You are born, you grow bigger and stronger, and that strength eventually fades. You shrink, and you die. But what if this is wrong? What if this isn't natural? What if we are all being manipulated into believing this because it is all we know?

On an isolated land deep in the Antarctic lies a land of lush fields and dark jungles. Since it's discovery it has been kept secret. Only top world leaders know of its existence. There lies a shaky truce between us and the inhabitants of this land. These people have lived undisturbed for millennia. Our people stay out. Their people stay in. That is the truce. That is what keeps the secret.

Mr. and Mrs. Finch are modern day daredevils and adventurers. They met on a climb up Everest and have been risking life and limb together ever since. They were in the middle of a race around the world. Just the two of them on a sailboat with no navigational equipment except the sky above. A squall threw them off-course south of Australia. When the storm had passed, they did a damage assessment. The boat held superbly, but a cache of supplies was tossed overboard. They would need to stop soon to resupply. Spotting a passing barge, they altered course to intercept it. They were planning to ask for or buy some food from them to hold them over until they reached shore. They hailed the ship but received no response. In fact, the barge seemed as if it were speeding up to get away from them. They kept following under the assumption the crew aboard did not spot them. They trailed it south hoping to catch up. Where could the ship be going? There is nothing south but Antarctica. The Finches, thrilled by a sense of adventure followed onward.

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