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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tell me what I want because I'm tired of thinking.

I had a good time this past weekend. Not just a moment or two like usual, but an overall good experience with the whole thing. All the running around and good people made me remember what it was like to be happy as a normal thing. I showed people my working template for my upcoming tiny DIY book. I plan to sell/give them out while on tour. The response was good. I don't need any radical changes, just a few details and I can take it to the printer for real. I ended up giving the copy to Voltaire. I mean, think about it, when am I going to see the guy again? Plus I thought he would really get a kick out of it. I like his art, it only seems fair to give him a chance to like mine in return.

I joined another band and stuff. That brings the count to four, and 2 still pending. I think 6 is overkill and probably not a good idea. I also watched season 1 of Bates Motel in 1 sitting, so there's that. I don't really know what to write. This is very diary/journaly. I don't like doing that. So maybe instead of being the usual arrogant prick I am, I'll so a fan suggestion.

If anyone wants me to write or do anything on here in particular, let me know.


Do you want me to do sci-fi, crime, fantasy, horror, romance? Just say and I'll give it a shot. I might just single you out and write a story about how much I hate you. Anything is possible! There's no telling what later will bring. Do you want me to add pictures? Like what? Pretty things? art? my toes? Ask and you might receive!

You see, I've always been concerned with what Tony wants, when I should also be paying attention to what other people think Tony wants.

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