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Friday, February 28, 2014

Seize the carp!

Why do people fear their emotions? Why do they run and hide from beauty? Beauty may not always pretty. Sometimes it is very harsh and painful. It may shred the very desire for life from within our heaving chests. It may bring forth a deluge of tears, but it is life and it is glorious. Embrace your emotions. Live your life while you still have it. Stop cowering like frightened children. Do not let love slip through your fingers. Do not let glory pass you by. Reach out and live! Feel to the fullest capacity. Never apologize for your emotions. You will be laughed at, you will be called crazy, and you will looked down upon, but it does not matter. If you love every second, every emotion, it will be worth it. Each moment you deny yourself is a moment of death. You are dead inside. A walking corpse, a waste of life.

My heart is brimming with beauty, I have no room for pity. You choose this fate. The tragedy is yours alone. I can only ask, and to lead by example. It is up to you whether you follow or not. I push others toward life by my words, my actions, and my art.

The path is simple to follow. Be aware of your thoughts and feelings. Next time you get an urge, focus on your emotions. If what you want to do drips terror into your being, and is not harmful to others, then do it. Do what you are afraid to do and watch the world open up like the red sea. Conquer your fear and boundless treasures await. It is like from going from a fuzzy old black and white tv, to a gigantic 3-D IMAX wrap-around screen with moving chairs. The change is of the most radical. Take this step and never live in fear again.

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