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Monday, May 26, 2014


I hated her. I hated her so much. Even as I tore off the tight clothes from her lithe young body. Even as I lifted her up onto the sink in this tiny bar bathroom. I can't stop thinking about the horrible pain she's caused me, all the evil she's done. I hate her even as her perfectly shaped breasts press into my bare chest; her fingers undoing my pants with knowing familiarity. How dare she do this after all that's happened? How dare she control me like this, revealing just how weak I truly am? Fuck her! But still... my lips are on her neck. She slips her slender fingers in and out of her mouth. Wraps them around my throbbing cock. I want to hit her but instead push myself deep inside her, pumping hard, harder than I should, and she lets out a little squeal with each thrust. I fuck violently, angrily. I want to punish her. I want this to hurt. Yet, she only screams for more. She is insatiable. I despise her lusts. I grab her hair, I choke her, but she only wants more. She always wants more. My heart is beating wildly and I'm harder than I can ever remember being. I'll finish soon and be done with her forever. Sensing I might come soon, she bites down hard on my neck. "Harder!" I grunt. I feel her teeth digging into me. I thrust even harder. I hate her so much. Rage floods through my entire body. I thrust even harder, even faster.

I want to stop. I want to pry my hands from her smooth body and walk out. I want to leave her begging and alone. This girl ruined my life. This bitch took everything I had and left me without a word... but I don't. Her teeth pierce my skin. I feel hot blood trickling down my shoulder. Her nails dig into my back. This pain is perfect. She is perfect. I love her and I will love her for as long as I live. I want to run away with her, marry her. But I know how this will end.

We climax, sharing a moment of pure ecstasy. Everything is bright and beautiful. We fall softly into each other's arms. We kiss passionately. In this moment, she is mine, but only in this moment. We put our clothes back on in silence. Cold sobriety rushes over us. When I have finished dressing, I walk out of the bathroom without so much as a glance in her direction. I hate myself for having done this. I hate that I love her.

Back in the bar, I feel ashamed of what I've done. I head out the front doors and into the cool, dark street. I pause at my car. What a fucking fool I am! I hear a small voice come from behind me as I open the car door. "Wait." it says. I turn around and I see her, electric and beautiful. I focus on my facial expression, trying to keep it angry. I fight with myself to stay where I am when all I want to do is run to her and hold her in my arms one last time. "WHAT?!" I bark out. She looks meekly up at me. I see tears welling up in her eyes. "I'm sorry," she says. "Please don't hate me."

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