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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Challenge Me

I like the strange. I like the bizarre. I like the anomalies. I like to be tricked, and to be fooled. I like tricks of the eye. I like duality in words. I like to be shamed, fooled, bested, outsmarted, outdone. I like to be taught. I like to be shown. I like to be enlightened. I like to be embarrassed.

I seek these things out. I want to know there is more than what I have already achieved, to what I have already thought. I want my mind to be changed. I want to be humbled. I want to feel insignificant and uneducated. I NEED it.

I need to feel unprepared and unlearned. I need my weaknesses to be shown. I need this so I can destroy them, so I can utterly eradicate all traces of their existence. Show me where I'm wrong. Show me what I don't know. Prove to me I still have far to go.

I can't stand to feel superior. I can't stand to feel more capable and more intelligent than all those around me. There must be someone better than me. There must! I need it. I need it to motivate and inspire me. None of this is fun without a challenge. None of this is worth it without a peer.

Show me how you're better than me,
then try your best to keep it that way.

I won't make it easy.

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