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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Little poems for little loves

Sometimes I see someone and get inspired. It could be a beautiful stranger walking past, a familiar girl who's already taken, or a woman who didn't turn out to be what she seemed. But for whatever the reason, I occasionally write little poems. I wanted to share a few I had sitting in my pocket.

The Taken Girl

She stands by me now
elegant and fair
marble white skin and ivy green hair

She does not know
the power she holds
to pull on my heart and quicken my pulse

But her love is not mine
we're not to be together
so I'll dream of a kiss that's meant for another

The Beautiful Stranger

She wears trouble like a little black dress
Her beauty, like a black hole, never lets you go.

The Ghost

I've seen your face in many a crowd
You steal my gaze whenever you're around

But who you are, I'll never know
a love so far, and yet so close.

A Great Start

An endless gray
an impossible endless gray
engulfs my life

Gone are the vibrant colors I once enjoyed

I drift along
through a tepid sea
Old Man Sorrow
is shadowing me

When I met you
the clouds parted
and sunlight filled my life.

The Ex

The mention of your name sends shivers down my spine
There was once a time when I called you mine.
A stain on my past blacker than pitch
I can't think of you without muttering


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