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Friday, February 19, 2016


Traditionally, humans were defined by gender, with women being indirectly defined as "unman."

Women fulfilled the role of "other." Whatever it meant to be a man, being a woman meant you were the opposite.

In recent years, these lines have blurred. What you were was no longer dependent upon the gender you were born with. One found meaning in oneself.

It was a new freedom for the individual. One could finally express whatever qualities one personally valued.

It was fine for a time, but global interconnectivity and access to media led to an overabundance of entertainment. We spent less time discovering what was in ourselves and more time discovering what was out there.

Epiphenomenally, we came to define ourselves by our interests and tastes in entertainment. Less by our personal values and philosophies.

Our sense of humor, attitude, and style pulled directly from the screen we shed our personal identities. Reality, now a construct of imagination distanced by a screen, no longer felt real.

If the camera didn't capture it, it might as well have not happened at all.

And what remains when our defining features are culled from without instead of within? Nihilistic movie-quoting sex fiends? Carbon copy media mugwumps? Hollow-hearted, dying to live, distractopheliacs overdosing in a futile effort to kill the pain? Hiding the only honest part of themselves behind a mask? Refusing to relate to others on any meaningful level? Denying the fact that each of us is hollow and lost within the black hole of ourselves?

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