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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

No Matter How Close Two People Are, An Infinite Distance Separates Them.

I like humour that is engaging and tricky. Some have called me an asshole for my special kind of jokes. I guess they're right, but fuck em. My style has a purpose.

I want to get you to think. And more importantly, I want to get you to think in different ways.

But not only that. The type and presentation of my humour does much more. They are, in a sense, tests. When I interact with you, I'm learning about you. You can learn more by talking than by listening.

Much information is purposely omitted. I call these spaces "Intuitive Gaps." The larger the space, the harder the trail is to follow. Like in animal tracking, there is a very definite trail left in these gaps. Anyone can follow one footprint to the following footprint, but to follow a winding trail through the forest takes skill and knowledge. The further down you can track the animal without straying, the better you are of a tracker. The same applies to Intuitive Gaps. The larger the space, the further your mind must be able to leap. The further you can leap, the more intelligent you are. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

One can be intelligent in some areas, and lacking in others. Variety is essential. This is why constant testing is imperative to a more accurate reading.

Many statements are of an ambiguous nature. A compliment to one is an insult to another. The more ambiguous the statement, the more freedom you give the listener to choose its meaning. In film-making, there is an isomorphic technique. You have your actor give as emotionally devoid of an expression as possible. The viewer will project their own feelings onto the actor. The same can be done with language.

I find people I like by applying these and myriad more methods.

Every little action both physical and verbal carries deep, rich meaning.

It is not simply what you say. It is a slight dilation of the pupils, the angle of your chest to my chest, the pitch of your voice, a wrinkle in the corner of your eye, the blood distribution throughout your body, the speed between reactions, the directions your eyes wander to. The real trick is picking up on these signals without being caught. Putting your subject at ease is first and foremost if genuineness is what you're after. Openly studying someone destroys that.

Even harder is to be aware of your own actions and reactions as you do this.

If at any point you feel I am insane or entirely arbitrary, it is simply that you could not follow the trail.

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