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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I Touched Her Thigh... And Death Smiled

In the dim half-light of a local bar, hermetic and shrouded within the din of hazy thoughts and twisted minds, I sit, waiting for tomorrow.
Across the writhing, swaying expanse I notice an ethereal creature swathed in black leather surreptitiously admiring my... pulchritude.

Her eyes look into mine with open, daring lust. Boldness and challenge electrify my brain.

"Destroy me, I'm yours."

Casually, I stride past the mindless meatbags across grimy floorboards. The air is thick. Heavy. I'm swimming on a current. Drawn inexorably to the wild animal bathed in blue neon light prowling the deltas of her vicissitudinous presence.

A boundless expectation floods the interstice of our forms. Words yearning for utterance pummel the ramparts of my lips. Burned out pathways brilliant with luminescence.

Sublime Lupa. Formless nephilim. Unbearably weightless. Cascading into me as gently as moonlight falling down. Exquisite resplendence in my arms. Soft and warm, her lulling aroma of undiscovered places and wild forests transcend through my mind driving me mad with desire.

Her calm, even breath caresses my neck. Fingers probing the small of my back. Her breathless whisper musically ringing in my ears electric and benevolent. Slightly swaying in magnetic embrace the world outside vanishes in a puff of smoke.

I pull back ever so slightly. Turn her face to mine. Our lips meet. Commingling spirits trespassing upon each other's dreams. A curtain of sparks floods my vision in shimmering brilliance. Simultaneous frailty and strength. I want to hold on to this instant forever.

Our lips part, the stars gradually extinguishing. Time seems to extend inexorably before us. We stand immobile, arms enveloping each other. Clinging to a guttering flame of hope.

A flame that dies.

She writes her phone number on a scrap of paper ripped from a nearby flier. I accept it gratefully. I hold her hands. I kiss her once again. I turn and walk away, not sparing a look back at the angel with a halo of blue. Fading back into night, into silence, into nothing.

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