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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

You're watching the wrong Robin Williams movies

After the news of his suicide broke, everybody has been posting that they're watching his movies in remembrance of his life. But it's all Mrs. Doubtfire and shit.

Here are the three movies I expected to see people watching that are being completely forgotten.

What Dreams May Come.

Come on, it stars a dead Robin Williams. Add on the themes of depression, suicide, and the afterlife and it seems like the first movie that should come to mind.

World's Greatest Dad

Robin plays a father whose son dies of auto-erotic asphyxiation. He then moves the body to make it look like his son hanged himself and ghost-writes a suicide note revealing that his asshole of a son was actually a sensitive, misunderstood soul so he can leave this world with some dignity. Other than the obvious, this movie is relevant because, in a sense, that's what we're all doing to him right now. By reliving the brighter moments of his life we're essentially giving some sense of respect and dignity to a miserable man who died a miserable death.

One-Hour Photo

Robin Williams is terrifying in this. His acting is so believable and unexpected, and being that it's him, it's even more shocking. This one goes to show there was more to the man than a goofy comedian. Even this lovable jester had his dark side. Something to think about.

I'm just venting over the fact that no one has even mentioned these flicks. (except Amanda who watches every movie ever made)

Hook is cool though. After all, death is the last great adventure.

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