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Friday, August 1, 2014

I Had A Dream Where Everyone Gave Up All They Owned

A dream where everything was free and no one wanted for anything.

People only did things because they wanted to do them, or wanted to be helpful. No one was obligated to do anything they didn't want to do or be anywhere they didn't want to be.

Instantly, people seemed more at ease. There was no longer anything to protect or fight over. There was no need to struggle and strive for your basic needs.

People were carefree and friendly. All doors were open wide. Everyone had a place to sleep. There was a palpable air of generosity and brotherhood.

Virtually overnight, the arts and sciences flourished and crime practically vanished. Never before had artists been so free to create; and with no more need for competition, the greatest scientific minds could work together to invent the best possible things for all mankind.

All phones were unbreakable, waterproof, insanely fast, and had constant, worldwide coverage. Cars were done away with entirely. A brand new public transportation was devised which could take a person anywhere in the world in only a few hours and created almost zero pollution. All but a few diseases were cured, leaving serious illnesses a thing of the past. People were living up to 200 years old. The elderly were not crippled and incoherent. Instead, they were happy and independent until their final days.

Every inch of every surface was beautiful. You would die if you could experience just a moment of such vast, endless beauty.

People vacationed to the moon. All goods and services were always of the highest quality. Life was of the highest quality. And there was love. It was all over. Everything was soaked in it. It was almost disgusting how in love they all were.

Even the Earth itself seemed to display love and gratitude with its rich bounties and pleasant weather. The air was fresh and clean. The destruction of the planet, at last, stopped.

It was the best of all possible realities, and it was so easy to attain. All we had to do was give up our delusions of ownership and privilege.

As I woke I felt brand new and full of hope. But then I remembered the kind of world I actually lived in, and the kind of people that inhabited it, and I felt my dream die.

What a stupid fucking dream.

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